The Yogen Früz Pinkberry Brain Project

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The Yogen Früz Pinkberry Brain Project is fueled by creatives around the world. Artists who take the same blank canvases and transform them into engaging pieces vastly different from each other that leave spectators in awe. This year we anticipate an even more awesome curated show. We‘re excited to have a group of artists who will demonstrate how art can be a vehicle for change. We aim to amplify the conversation around brain health by using a medium [art] that is approachable. 

Prepare yourself for one of the most engaging and unique years of the Brain Project. Our roundup of artists promises to be exceptional.

Browse our Artist Catalogue below, starting with our local Artists.  We’re all waiting with bated breath to see what they will bring to the canvas.

Gina Godfrey

Gina Godfrey is a prolific abstract and portrait artist, a printmaker and curator, curating her many shows at the Gina Godfrey Gallery on Bloor Street East. This is the 4th year she has been asked to participate in the Brain Project.  For 5 years she produced artwork on military helmets for auction at True Patriot Love, a national charity that supports military families and contributes to the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.