The Arrangement


To start with “Perseverance” is what I have to do to learn this new way of blogging on WordPress.  At least it is new for me.

Actually, I want to start by telling you about the show I watched last night which included an artist.  He was drunk and disorderly.  He didn’t want to sell any of his works to anyone yet he was deemed to be a big star in the art world.  He was eventually coerced by a couple or should I say the female part of the couple to come to his studio. That was a shocker by itself.  It looked like a bomb hit it and his works that people loved were ho-hum.  When the male part of the couple left for a bit, the female was taken to the back room where she was shown an enormous piece of artwork that the viewer never actually saw.  His commentary was that was for him personally if he ever had a life, a house, a wife, a family although I am paraphrasing.  He further went on to say that once one does a work that fine one could never do anything more to compare to it.  This is fantasy.  I know working artists that don’t fit this description at all.

Most people say that I am one of the most organized people they know.  That is because of perseverance.  When I get up in the morning is don’t particularly like getting ready for that day.  By the same token I don’t like being unready and so the pros and cons all even out and I get ready.   So as part of my routine, I also try to do art work every day.  That doesn’t always happen because of other commitments but I do it as often as I can.  Sometimes it is painful and I junk the work.  Sometimes I just sail along and there are other times I will get one out of five pieces.  But I look at it like a pianist or a dancer. It is all about practice.  It is like learning a new language.  They say if you put in 1,000 hours your will learn the language.  Today and yesterday were eventually good days although I didn’t start off that way.